Pictured: The sunset over the ocean on our last night of the cruise. Definitely a ‘softer’ feel than our 20-degree snow filled front yard…

For some reason, I have been back in touch with my inner Buffy the Vampire Slayer fangirl lately. I even watched a few episodes while we are gone. This automatically means I put my life in the framework of Buffy-ology, which is easy to do. The whole show was a metaphor for life’s various drama and roller coasters, and dontcha know, we’re usually living in the middle of one!

Specifically today, I think of when Buffy was ‘pulled out of Heaven back to live in the world.’ Please don’t get theological on me ~ this was a fantasy show. Buffy’s friends, who arranged for her resurrection, assumed she was suffering in a ‘hell dimension,’ when in fact, the wounded warrior was finally at peace.

The first time she shared with someone that she’d been in Heaven, she described being back on Earth as this: Everything here is … hard, and bright, and violent. Everything I feel, everything I touch … this is Hell. Just getting through the next moment, and the one after that …

I would hardly describe our two weeks away as Heaven (stuck on a bus alone with our kids for up to 13 hours was not even a little like paradise!), and I definitely do not think of being at home as being hellacious, but it absolutely takes some adjusting after time not only away but running around in the ‘other world’ we have.

I was up unusually late last night (ok, it was almost time for Paige to get up for school when I went to bed) finishing this little baby, so when I woke up around 10 this morning (this is a treat, and thanks be to Rod), I could barely function. I hugged the girls, made coffee, and took them and it upstairs. While they ran about, I sat on my bed and watched Beverly Hills 90210 (another Gen-X television gem, but a much less literary one) and figured that as long as they didn’t smash their fingers in any doors, that was about as good as it was going to get today.

Isn’t it nice when things surpass our expectations? Instead of stumbling wearily through a depressing Monday on which everything seemed too hard and bright, I got a surprise visit from a friend – whose children are friends with mine – and her brand new, sweet 2-week-old baby. The laundry is almost done. I’m counting my WW points. I even answered some emails. I’m easing back in and wearing a Buffy-esque game face, because the truth is…

I love my friends, my home, my life ~

but today, I really miss Nashville.

…especially Nana Rosa’s, but that is another (food-filled) blog.