When I first found out she was coming to us, I laughed in shock to the seven month old staring at me and my positive test.

Then I spent the next eight months worrying about having a 15 month old and a newborn.

When I first found out she was a girl, I mourned for a few seconds for ‘Jackson Cash’ as I had envisioned him.

Then I spent the next four-and-a-half months imagining matching clothes, nighttime giggles, and two little girlies skipping hand in hand.

When I first saw her, I was mystified. I knew she was ours, the Kaity we’d been talking to and about, the one I was just a little afraid of.

Then I first spent a night away from her, at just a few weeks old,  and suddenly, I knew the myth of ‘loving the first baby’ most was indeed that. I could not wait to get back to her and hold her and find out all about her.

During Kaity ~ Kaitlyn ~ KK’s second year, she showed us more every day who she is and what she is made of.

She says her “L” as a “W” ~ “Wookie, Mama! The doggie wicked me!” “I don’t wike it” and best of all, “I wove you!”

She stares in awe at her painted toenails.

She has visited and kicked butt at the hospital twice.

She has gone to and took ownership of Disney World twice.

She has gone to countless churches, concerts, and conventions and earned her own fans in person and online.

She colors her body parts, her ‘Dumbo’ jumbo coloring book, and the kitchen floor with equal fervor, and she is insistent about ‘working’ at the ‘ ‘puter.’

She loves her Papa, and her Gramma too… and is especially fond of ‘Nanda Rose,’ Paigey,’ Uncle, Auntie, ‘Joshy,’ Brett, Aunt Jen, Sammie the Dog, and her friends Kendall, Quad, Liam, Paul, and ‘baby’ Adam (who is 5 weeks younger than she is).  (I will make no remarks about the fact that most of those are boys. Those are just the ones she mentions all the time).

She pretty much, though, loves on anyone who is nice to her. And gives them gi-normous hugs.

(And sometimes hits them, too).

She knows the words to all her Daddy’s songs, to many Disney songs, to The Sound of Music soundtrack, to her own song (“K-k-k-Katy”) and to The Isaacs’ “Walk On” and Israel Houghton’s “I Am Not Forgotten.”

She also knows the words to “Down in the Valley,” and it’s our special song together.

She has a bath towel that looks like a duck, and when she’s getting dry, she quacks.

She loves to eat crackers, ‘gogurt,’ pizza, hot dogs, clementines, and guacamole.

Speaking of hot dogs, she can totally groove Mickey Mouse’s “Hot Dog” dance, and we’re more than happy to do it with her.

She claps and raises her hands when she’s in a good ol’ Pentecostal service. And she knows one when she’s in one!

She has two of the deepest dimples you’d ever see.

…and the strongest will, we think, too.

She always gets compliments on her big wide eyes, her talking ability, and her obvious compassionate heart.

She doesn’t get as many compliments when she’s throwing her plate on the ground, or throwing her stuffed toy into someone else’s plate.

She likes to play with doors, books, dolls, cars, things with buttons, drums, microphones, and guitars.

And she loves to “drive” the bus.

She is a movie buff, namely for anything with Julia Andrews or by Disney or Pixar or revolving in some way around Moses or Santa Claus.

She thinks any man with a gray beard is Santa Claus.

Also, she has an affinity for men with gray hair in general. I think it’s the southern gospel immersion.

She would make a great big sister, and hopefully someday, in some way, she will be.

But today she is Our Baby. We could not foretell how she would complete our family, nor could we imagine it without her.

She will insist that she’s is going to be ‘FWEE’ tomorrow (that’s 3 fingers, like her sister ‘Nanda-Rose’). But she will be 2. Already.

Bring on the potty training, the tantrums, and one more amazing year with K-k-k-kaity, the only (2-year-old) g-g-girl that we adore.

‘Roses love sunshine, violets love dew, angels in Heaven know I love you.