Lasagna is a big deal for an Italian daughter, especially when it is her dad’s specialty.

But when I ran across this recipe via another blog this week, I had to try it. It’s so different from how I’ve watched it being made and made a few times myself. We spend exhaustive hours on the gravy (yes, gravy!) for the lasagna. We do it up big on the cheese.

The hot sausage in this recipe is what drew me. I love hot sausage.

With just starting Weight Watchers this week, it didn’t seem like a great idea, but at least a good one. It’s winter, I was having my cousin over for dinner, and, you know, it’s LASAGNA!

I made a few substitutions in the recipe: Inadvertently, I bought a 28 oz. can of crushed tomatoes instead of whole, but I think I liked this better anyway. (it’s all about the gravy!).

I also used part-skim ricotta cheese instead of cottage cheese. I am Italian. We do not put cottage cheese in our lasagna. It’s like dipping Wonder Bread into your olive oil.

Also, I did drain all the fat. I had to do it.

And finally, I did not simmer everything together for 45 minutes, because the printed recipe skipped that part. Whoops!

Other than that, I made it just the same…it was fabulous, very meaty, saucy enough, and I just calculated the nutrition. It’s very high in sodium, but I don’t care about sodium at this point. I have to tackle fat and calories first. Also, it is 12 points a serving. This is acceptable to me for dinner (though it was difficult not to go for that extra half-piece, and I am rethinking making this our Sunday lunch tomorrow). This was super easy to make, and using sliced mozzarella instead of shredded was brilliant.

I served with tossed salad & balsamic, green olives, and low-calorie Italian garlic toast. ‘Twas a happy meal!

Both Miranda and Kaity loved it, though Miranda ate around the meat and Kaity kept calling it “pizza.”

Oh, and I only ate one of those from-the-devil mini frozen chocolate eclairs for dessert…ONE! That was 2.5 points. Miranda had 4, that I know of.

I am going to lose some weight before we go on the cruise *2 weeks* from tomorrow and I gain it all back. There will be no points counting on the cruise.

Lots and lots and LOTS of cool stuff on the site where I got this recipe: