First of all, my heartfelt joy and congratulations goes to Heather and Mike on the birth of Annabelle Violet. For this child, and this family, I and some of my friends and many on the internet have prayed. May God bless you as you enjoy this new life and as you continue to remember Maddie. xo


Meanwhile, as I prepare to leave Miranda and Kaity for the longest/farthest away yet :( I found this, from the first time I left Miranda overnight (she was 4 months old as pictured above & stayed with my parents ). Since I got pregnant when she was only 6 months old, her infancy is one big blur to me. I loved reading this, especially what our mornings together were like. There’s nothing as amazing as being a new baby’s mama!


Contact Info:
Rod cell: xxx
Kelly cell: xxx
Dr. C (ped): xxx
Our hotel: xxx


I always make her a 6 oz bottle, and she usually has 5 a day AROUND the following times:

–      when she wakes up (burp every 2 with this one, because she takes it too quickly!)

–      around 11am – noon

–      around 2-3pm

–      around 6-7pm

–      bedtime (between 9 and 10)

BEDTIME FEEDING: Mix 3 little spoons of cereal with enough formula to make a smooth consistency (You can use formula from the 6 oz. bottle; you don’t have to make extra). Put her in her high chair and give her the cereal. Then hold her for her bottle. She usually gets a little fussy because she’s tired. Hold her close, rock her… it passes. Put her down when she is asleep or almost asleep, on her tummy. If it’s warm, you don’t have to cover her… she usually crawls out of the blanket anyway.

Feeding times are relative… if she sleeps really late, she might only take 4 bottles. Right now, as I type this, it’s 5:30pm, and she’s only had 2 today. She’ll let you know when she’s hungry!
– She can have water… she doesn’t have it on a regular basis, but if she gets the hiccups or something, she likes it. She can have a few licks of ice cream. No steak, Dad.

She might wake up at 7 or at 10… one never knows. Wake up time, whether you initiate it or she does, is the best. She wakes up happy and smiling and screeching and stretching. Lay her down on the bed or wherever and have fun. She’ll talk to you and show you how strong she is and smile a lot. She’s wiggly as you change her diaper. I like to put lotion on her and get her dressed. If she gets tired of this, she’ll cry for her bottle, but it usually can go on for 5 or 10 minutes. My favorite, favorite time with her. Enjoy!

Crying means one of these things:
– I’m hungry
– I’m sleepy
– I’m sick of the carseat
– Lay me down so I can stretch out
– Something startled me; please hold me.
– I’m tired of playing; please hold me

Seriously. Why am I even writing this? You know what to do. You don’t have to use powder. I use it in the morning because she smells like pee, but other than that, just wipes and the butt paste or whatever when she poops. She doesn’t poop every day, so no worries if she skips. The current diapers are a little big, so make sure you pull them tight!

She might run a low grade temperature. If you take it, use the thermometer under her arm and add a degree. You can give her a dose of the baby Tylenol; it works pretty quickly and either puts her in a good mood or puts her to sleep.

She loves the Boppy gym for a little while. She loves to sit in her high chair, kick her feet up, and have a chat. She loves the stroller and being outside; this usually puts her right to sleep. She loves music and being sung to. She loves to “stand up” in your lap. Sometimes that will also get her to stop crying.

This will be the first day of her life that I don’t see her. Please take at least one picture, or hundreds… Email them if you can. We’re nerds and will have our laptops.

I can’t think of anything else right now, but I will probably call 8000 times and make Rod turn the car around anyway.

lovelovelove, kel


When we dropped the girls off tonight, I still handed over the medical letter, but mostly what I had to offer Gramma and Papa were many pairs of shoes and several princess dresses, and the advice, ‘Only one hot chocolate a day for Miranda’ and ‘Don’t let Kaity fool you.’ I miss them already! We won’t get to call very much due to ridiculous international rates :(  As soon as we get back though, they will be with me NON-STOP for a week-long bus tour. I will be ready to put them on a cruise ship by then!