Originally published on my Facebook, Wednesday 11/4

It’s almost 9:30 pm. Kaity just took her breathing treatment really well – the therapist on the afternoon shift scared her for some reason and those were hard ones. She is now in bed with her juice, her Cinderella baby, and hopefully, a nice 3 hours of sleep before her next treatment. (Ah, except they are already coming back to give her her steroid med. Grr!)

We are still kind of up in the air about things. We arrived at Komer Children’s Hospital at University of Chicago by ambulance around 3 this morning. We were admitted into the PICU, a term that is pretty harrowing, but a place that in Kaity’s case, was very nice. The first set of people who looked at her didn’t seem to think she needed to be there, as she was breathing ‘fabulously.’ But because she is little, they monitored her there until this afternoon and gave her treatments every 2 hours and oxygen as much as she would sit still to receive. She was very well cared for on the floor.. a great facility.

She isn’t eating at all (not even ‘macaroni!!’) but is drinking a ton. She is not lethargic like last night but fiesty. We so want to get her out of here so she can rest and heal at home. What the doctors believe she has is Reactive Airway Disorder, which basically presents itself like asthma, but won’t necessarily turn in to asthma. It looks like going home will happen some time tomorrow if she does well with fewer breathing treatments. They want to wean her to one every 4 hours.

In the mean time, Rod drove all night Tuesday to get home from Louisville, so between the two of us, we are running on fumes. My parents have Miranda, and Josh and Paige are holding down the fort at home, which they are becoming expert at doing. We haven’t yet decided which of us will go home tonight. Though I would love a decent shower, it’s a long way from my little girl to home.. I feel stuck.

I also feel selfish and foolish saying this, but one of the hardest parts of this for me is giving up on our Branson trip for this weekend. It was to be.. kind of a big deal professionally, and kind of a wonderful time personally. We were going to formally introduce the convention to the local media, government, and businesses, meet with some key contacts, and have time with some dear friends we rarely see. Meanwhile, Rod had two singing engagements in new areas. I’m happy and grateful (Rob, Brenda, Ron, and Jonathan) that most of these appointments, including the press conference, will go on without us. I’m also just severely disheartened. Which of course, makes me feel severe mommy guilt because all that really matters is that Kaity is going to be fine.

So yeah… I’m a little lower than I usual would allow myself to get. I’m not even wearing makeup right now!) Sometimes it feels like efforts and plans are just in vain, and I don’t know whether the timing of this is an attack once again on the ministry of the convention or a test to see that Rod and I have our hearts and priorities in the right place (I admit, for both of us it was hard not to think through ever possible option of still being in Branson Friday morning. Stinking type A control freaks). Maybe it’s both.

I am so humbled to have so many keeping Kaity, and us, in your prayers. Thank you so much for taking the time out to call, comment, text, and let us know you are thinking of us.

UPDATE: Before I got the chance to finish this, the staff decided to put Kaity on oxygen through her nose. She is fighting this. Her level periodically drops to about 85, so she needs it. Please pray specifically for Kaity to just rest and stop fighting the procedures so hard. The sooner everything can work together, the sooner we can get her home.

UPDATE AT 11:20: Her monitor was askew (because the squirt keeps pulling at it – her ‘glow toe.’) She is sleeping peacefully at staying around 98-100 with the oxygen cut in half. Praise the Lord! I might even try to sleep.

Rod just went home for awhile, I had a good cry, and hopefully the longest part of this is over.