Pictured: February 20, 2008, during the most amazing introduction of my life!

I am going to make this short and sweet.

Today is Prematurity Awareness Day.

Neither of my babies was premature, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t something I don’t think about. Two babies I only know of from ‘The Internet’ are Kaity’s exact age – one even born on the same day – and those babies are no longer with their parents.

Right after Miranda was born, St. Jude was airing commercials (perhaps they still are; I don’t watch many commercials these days) that said, “Thank God for the healthy children in your life.” And I do, really, every single day.

Our Kaity had an RSV-like infection when she was two weeks old. During her two recent visits to the hospital for breathing problems, I was asked over and over if she was premature. I was thankful I could answer no –

because, really, not a single day goes by when I don’t think about Maddie Spohr, who was.

So many things can go wrong as we grow our little ones. The process of gestation and growth in utero is so intricate (and MIRACULOUS) that we can’t even comprehend it. It’s amazing that any child is born perfectly healthy with so many variables in place.

I am among the lucky and blessed who was mature, insured, educated, healthy, supported during my pregnancies. But so many are not. And many women are, and still their babies are born too soon.

March of Dimes fights for babies and has been for years, long before I could comprehend what it meant for a baby to be a preemie. (Incidentally, when I was 8ish, I had a ‘preemie’ Cabbage patch Kid, Estelle Teena). I have always ‘supported’ the cause of March of Dimes, but it was not until I met Maddie that I began to rally for it.. the donations, the neighbor cards, and hopefully next spring, the march.

All children deserve a good fight. Pray for them, be there for them, intercede for them. They are more than worth it.

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