Something happened yesterday that rarely happens anymore. Our KK – usually the human equivalent of a superball – was lethargic. When Josh took Miranda on a movie date, Kaity fell asleep on me.

This was a treat, as I am having serious I-miss-having-a-little-snuggly-infant-why-do-they-grow-up-so-quickly-please-can-we-have-just-one-more issues right now. However, by the time she was on her 3rd or 4th snooze, I noticed she was breathing way more rapidly than usual. Also, she wasn’t drinking, and she usually drinks a lot. So, though my children are not allowed to get sick on Tuesdays (when Dr. C is out of the office), I waited until Paige got home from school and off we went to see Dr. K.

KK slept in the waiting room rather than made me chase her. She was given an immediate breathing treatment and rather than outrage her, it put her to sleep. Soon, the doctor returned and gave me That Look, which I was already expecting. She suggested I take Kaity to the ER. Her oxygen level was down and her heart rate was up.

Now seriously, this was the part when I should have wigged. Rod is out of town, for one. Miranda was almost to the week this exact age when she had to go into the hospital for dehydration. And, seriously? (Selfishness alert): I had a fun Wednesday planned.. a day ALONE in the house, BY MYSELF, to work. ALONE in the house.. followed by my BFF’s sister’s (got that?) bachelorette party in the city.. nothing wild, but at the Signature Room. The girls were going to stay the night with Mom & Dad. It was going to be so grand. Especially.. being ALONE in my house.

Anyway, I didn’t wig. I was the picture of calm as I twittered & FB’s to let the world at large know what was happening (AFTER I called Rod & the kids). My phone was so flooded with responses that my battery started to die (fail). By the time I got to the hospital, Mom & Dad were on their way to join me and my brother Jerry & sis-in-law Gina were on their way to the house.

KK was tended to pretty speedily. She felt good enough to totally flirt with Dr. O. (It took me awhile to place him, but he’s the same handsome doc who tended to me during my post-Bahamas throat infection nearly 4 years ago. It required a shot in my then skinny rear and he prescribed Vicodin. I am a fan of Dr. O). ANYway, after he looked her over, she was given a chest X-ray (we pretended it was a photo shoot, complete with the smile-inducing, “Saaaaay, ‘Mickey Mouse!'”). Then she was given a throat culture and two nose cultures (this is when she started to get pi$$ed). Then she started another 45 minute breathing treatment, which was interrupted several times so it probably took 2 hours instead.

Some time in there Dr. B told me that the X-ray showed pneumonia. What?! That is something great-grandmas get, not babies.. They still wanted to test for flu, RSV, UTI, and such and such.

THEN, she had to have an IV put it to administer something-or-other. UGH. I stayed with her for that (when Miranda had to have one last year, they ‘encouraged’ me to let her go with them. Never again. I am a Slayer. I will always stay with them when they need me and deal with whatever fallout occurs).

She recovered from that pretty quickly and started demanding things. She ate part of some crackers before smashing them. She ate part of a sandwich before flinging the mayo package all about. She finally started drinking, but not quickly enough for Nurse Rock (’twas his real name). They wanted to collect urine, and I kept telling them she had not drunk ALL DAY nor had she had a wet diaper – totally alarming for the Princess of the Pee. Right after she FINALLY had a wet diaper, naturally, they fit her with a U-bag, which is basically a baggy that gets taped to her nether parts. Very mean. She hated that, but as with the previous procedures, said a teary and queenly ” ‘HAANK YOU” when it was over.

At this point, Mom and Dad had gone to get Miranda and take her to their house. Jerry & Gina, who bless-her-heart had a migraine, joined me. So unfortunately, they were there when Dr. B (who was great except for this) sent Nurse Rock with the unfortunate news that they needed to catheterize her in order to get a urine test.

I think this picture was before :) That procedure was the worst, absolutely, compounded by the tape having to be removed from her nethers to remove the bag AND it took 2 or 3 tries. Poor, poor baby. Auntie & Uncle took it almost as hard as she did. She still, though  her tears of protest, agreed to accept a coloring book as at least a partial token of reconciliation from Nurse Rock and Other Nurse Guy.

She spent the next 30 minutes coloring, jumping on the bed, and mouthing off. We were then told it was ‘just’ the pneumonia, all the other tests were clear, and she was given a perscription, told to drink and rest, and sent home.

She charmed everyone in the ER she hadn’t yet met on the way out.

Upon arrival at home, she played with a toy she and Miranda had been fighting over earlier in the day. AND, she asked for a movie (denied).

She went to bed and slept all night, in spite of noisy wind.

Today, she is rambunctious, temperamental, recounting her various ‘owies,’ (the IV spot is saaaad), and more amazing to me than ever.

My dad and I took her and Miranda in to see Dr. C, follow up for KK and preventative for Miranda, who has been coughing.

**Dr. C, I must add, is the best ped in the whole wide world. He even cleaned up the floor after the great Capri Sun Explosion of 2009. (see below: they threw themselves a picnic in the exam room..)

Clearly, they are both fine. Other than the excessiveness of the cath, the doctor whom I know and trust was pleased with KK’s treatment and agreed with the diagnosis. Says I should just keep an eye on Miranda.

Sigh. That means I have to keep my eyes open. I’m starting to feel a little weary.

Rod will be back tomorrow and though we have a few engagements this weekend, we’re home.

Yay for home. (And health insurance).