Miranda joined Mommy at Expressions in Hair last Saturday. Mommy needed to cover her grays new highlights, and Miranda needed a healthy trim.

Miranda sat very still and very patiently while Ms. Chris cut her hair.

The haircut did not take very long, so Ms. Chris gave Miranda ‘Dancer Hair.’

Miranda really, really, really likes looking at herself in the mirror.

.. and she was very excited when Ms. Chris looked for pink clips for her bun.

Look at that little face. Do children ever realize how much their smiles light up their parents’ lives?

Ms. Chris might kill me for this photo, but I love it. We had so much fun!

When my big girl was all done, she sat patiently with her zoo book and waited for Mommy to finish. I didn’t get a picture, but for awhile, she sat under the dryer and sang.

Ms. Chris, who has been cutting my hair for something like 10 years, has become like another Italian cousin to me! She observed that Rod is going to have to hold on to his wallet, because Miranda is going to be deseriring a whole lot of Princess Glamour.

Considering the *2* Princess Halloween Costumes (Aurora & Pochahontas) hanging in my closet, I’d say we’re not doing very well with that so far!

We are approaching Miranda’s 3rd birthday! I can’t believe how big she is getting. I can still summon up the desperate feelings of thinking I would never have a baby, the hopeful, excited feelings of actually knowing I was pregnant, and of course, the unspeakably joyful bliss of holding a miracle for the first time. She is our little Princess for sure.. a girly-girl, a pretty girl, a smart girl, and a loving girl.

“To the world, you may be just another girl. But to me, Baby, you are the world.”

– Brad Paisley.



  • Becky

    I love her little face in these photos-so old, yet still such a baby face. If I were there, I would squeeze her little cheeks!