It’s hard for me to blog right now..not just because of the ever-present time constraints, but because life is so full of all these simple yet monumental events that I don’t know how to write about them in a simple, blog-gy way.

My little girl is about to turn 3. She is about to start dance class. She is helpful and sure of herself and is learning her first Bible stories. She is absolutely beautiful, which she knows, but is no more beautiful than when she is sitting still and unaware that her adoring mommy is staring at her.

Sometimes I still can’t believe she is mine!

Her baby sister is zooming along like the firecracker we predicted she would be. She talks a mile a minute..sometimes we even understand her. She is in her Cling To Mommy stage and her Pre-Terrible-2 stage. She throws hilarious tantrums and has a perfect cartoon swagger. She has the sweetest blue eyes I have ever seen.

Cannot believe she is mine either.

Life is rolling along after these two. There are such whirlwinds around me most of the time that I too often have to stop and remind myself that for this season, everything will come back to these little kids who still need me for almost everything.. and pretty much everything else I touch or manage or plan will go on just fine without me.

I’ve been having a lot of conversations lately about simplicity, hearth & home, common goals. It seems many of the people in ‘my world’ feel a similar longing to pare down, slow down, choose quality over quanitity. I find this message flashing like a big ol’ neon sign most days, and yet just a few weeks ago I said “Yes” to 2 more projects, in the midst of KK going to the ER and other life signals that seemed to blare, ‘Just say no!’

I am working on sacrifice of Extra Things. Some of it is easy.. a magazine here, a TV show there, an outing here, a thing-I-just-have-to-read/create/attend there. Some of it, not so much. Last week I was battling a cold.. sore throat, sinus pressure, eventually a cough. I didn’t change any plans. I kept going.

Friday afternoon I had the Big Plan that before a (very important) kiddo birthday party and a (n equally important) adult dinner date, I was going to Work while the babies napped. To make a long story short, my laptop, as I pulled it from my bag, was Wet. WET! And then it wouldn’t turn on. I took it upstairs and waited for Rod to look at it. I told him if it was fried, I was going to ‘fall on my sword,’ which is our phrase for kick it, throw in the towel, quit, accept failure, run screaming from the building.

It wasn’t fried. He got it to power back up almost immediately. (He is my hero, still and again).  And yet, I just wanted to cry. (Maybe I did.. I don’t remember). And then I said, almost in apology, “I’m not going to work. I’m not working again until Monday. I need a few days off. I need to rest. I need not to get sick.”

I said it so much like a question that he laughed at me. Then he talked to me in that Husband Voice – you know the one. . like he is dealing with a very pretty mental patient. Why is this even a question? Lay down. Take a nap. Don’t work until Monday. Call Haylee, see if you can help out next week.

Done. And done. Of course I didn’t take the weekend ‘off.’ I still drove to various places, did laundry, fed people, wiped small booties, dried big tears, and ok, posted a few things on Scoops and maybe answered a few emails. And I did also forget that Rod is going to be gone 3 nights this week & 3 more next week before we leave for Branson and the Big Press Conference and.. you know. All that stuff.

But I have called in some extra help this week (thanks Haylee!). I feel much better physically. And today was, in many ways, a perfect day. In fact, the weekend was filled with pretty darn good times with a mixture of friends and family and downtime with the kids and a even a stolen moment or 2 with Rod that didn’t involve him rescuing my hardware.

A theme in many of those conversations with good company: Simplify. Simplify. Calm and peace and stability and contentment starts in our homes, and we all know that that mood starts with The Woman. If I am freaking out over deadlines all the time, what does that say to my kids? If I am afraid to ask for help or take a break when I need one, what does that teach them?

I am meditating on the Simple. And so begins what looks to be a crazy 2 weeks for us. I am meditating on the Simple.