So far today, Kaity has knocked over the coat rack, broken a canister full of sugar, peed all over me, pulled Miranda’s hair, crushed crackers on the couch (but in fairness, she does this every day), and has been put down for an early nap. She is currently rebelling against that last notion with some bellowing.

We were supposed to go play this morning.. I canceled. Too much.

We are supposed to go to a Halloween/Birthday party this afternoon, 45 minutes away. Don’t have gifts for the birthday boys yet. It’s raining. I have made headway on collecting contacts for our press conference – one week from TODAY – but it’s hard to compile distrubution lists and faxes or to call town official and media contacts – with someone screaming in the background for lipstick/pumpkins/necklace/outside/’hold that.’ I also ‘only’ have about 6 more pages of the magazine to complete by Sunday night-ish.. we have a full weekend until then, and Rod leaves to go back to Louisville Sunday night, returning Wednesday, before we leave for Branson Thursday morning (& leave our kids for 4 days, which in spite of how this post sounds, I’m not overly thrilled about).

So.. biding a little time. Going to get them in their princess best soon, go through McD’s for fries and birthday gift cards (#mommyfail), and make our way to Crown Point in hopes the Hallo-whines will end. I think Rod is meeting us out there. I hope he’s on his way home.

Single parents on your own.. I salute you once again. What. A. Week.