It’s all over the place, but you know, thematic. You’ve been warned.

I used to pretty much buy everything at Walmart.

I am discovering as time goes by that cheaper is sometimes just.. cheaper.

It’s not that I’m a clothing snob; we still have Disney t-shirts and PJs and stuff from old Wally world.

It’s just that, the more entrenched I become in being a parent, the more I want to give them good things, lasting things.

Today we took the three girls shopping…

One is almost 16 and in high school and about 2 inches taller now than she was in the spring. She pretty much needs everything new.

One is almost three and only wants to wear dresses & heels and is about 2 inches taller now than she was in the spring. She pretty much needs everything new.

One is 1.5 and can wear some of her sister’s hand-me-downs, but her mommy has 2nd-Child-Syndrome and wants to make sure she has some stuff ‘all her own.’ Also, she is about 2 inches taller now than she was in the spring. And up until this afternoon, was out of shoes that fit!

I will always worry a bit about money. It doesn’t fall from the sky for any of us, even if it appears that way.

But I never want the kids to think we can’t take care of them. And I want them to have pretty things, all the Princess dresses that are reasonable, and when the time is right, jeans that accentuate the positive.

There are times I’d like to throw my hands in the air, say “Wear whatever,” “Eat whatever,” or perhaps even, “Watch whatever.” Want to. But I don’t. God for some reason saw fit to entrust these kids with me, and how dare I consider not giving them my best?

On Friday night, Rod and I did something we’ve never done before. We walked out of a movie. I guess up until recently our tolerance for obscenity was a bit higher. That’s over for us. I won’t judge you if you go see Halloween 2, but I will recommend you don’t try to eat a steak sandwich while doing so, and I also warn you that it’s vile.

I won’t let my little kids watch some things my big kids watch, or watched. Paige and I have talked about it. Josh and I have talked about it. Rod and I have talked about it. It’s easy to say “Watch Nick, Jr while I fix dinner.” But we can’t afford to. Rod is traveling around singing about the ability for Christians to “Take a Stand.” Are we really doing that if we teach our kids, or let our TV teach them, how to disrespect or deceive people?

I watched one mommy friend of mine yesterday, at a “messy” birthday party where most of our kids were blissed out in piles of flour, shaving cream, sand, even paint, quietly discipline her 4 year old for throwing something. But before she did so, she thanked him for being honest about having thrown whatever it was.

God help me be that gentle, that patient, that firm, that constant with my kids.

I never want them to wonder where I am or what I stand for or who I am, so when they start to wonder who they are, at least they have a place to start looking.

Kids, mostly I want you to know: your s/mom is OCD, ADHD, ambitious, impatient, affectionate, passionate, sometimes critical, outspoken, growing, learning, flawed, fun, tired, defensive, sarcastic, generous, energetic, worrisome, chasing after the heart of Jesus, head-over-heels for your Daddy, and totally in love with you.