Wednesday is MY day. Dad picks the babies up at 7am! – and I have until 3:15ish to work. But I don’t just work, I get to work out, drink my coffee from a non-spillproof mug, put what I want on the TV or iPod, maybe paint my nails, and not hear, but certainly miss, the whines, calls, & cuteness of Kaity & Miranda.

First order of business is to go for a run. These are the true reasons I did not want to do that today:

1. There is no Kool & the Gang on my iPod (there is now!)

2. It’s raining (spitting was more like it).

3. I have a headache (still do).

4. My allergies are insane this morning (thank you, Isabelle the BFF’s Dog).

5. I want to make bread & spaghetti gravy (one out of two so far)

6. I have too much work to do (thank you Rob, Rod, & God).

7. I should go back to bed.

8. I should clean the house – that’s exercise.

9.I should grocery shop (though we don’t need bananas or black beans to get us through this particular day, & the sale at The Jewels goes through Sunday).

10. I have important emails, Tweets, & Facebook comments to answer. Plus I want to blog!

I am happy to report, despite these lame excuses & more, that I went. I don’t think one run a week is going to get me to a place where I can get the pre-baby-boom box of clothes out of the crawlspace, but I will do what I can for this season.

I am off to listen to Kool & the Gang’s “Fresh,” because, you know, I am so exciting….

/Shameless plug section/
Two of the reasons I am swammped:

Registration is open for Branson GMC 2010

The all-new SGN Scoops website is launched & the new magazine is due September 14…