I finally went for a run today. (And we all know what run means for me but let’s review: Jog until nausea comes. Walk. Repeat). My knees and shins are older than I remember, but I am one day closer to those leather pants in the back of my closet. Yes. Leather pants. May they happen to fit again when either Journey or Travis Tritt is in town for a concert. I’ll dig up my cute little ‘Cowgirl’ shirt that I wore out during my country concert mania. It will be a great time.

Anyway, I also forgot how inspired I am by 25 minutes or so of solitude and music. For the record, this morning’s very motivational playlist was: Trace Adkins, Hot Mama – Montgomery Gentry, Something to Be Proud Of – Brooks & Dunn, My Maria – Shania Twain, She’s Not Just a Pretty Face –  Rod Burton, Walkin’ in the Light – Trace Adkins, I’m Tryin’

I read an interview with Toby Keith back in… I don’t know, maybe 2002, when I was still trying to develop some kind of country-music-commentary website something or other. I got so mad because he said he really “didn’t have time” to listen to other people’s music. I wondered how he thought all his fans had time to listen to his music. But I have to admit, the more deeply entrnched we get in Southern Gospel music (and the little Princesses’ Disney music), the less I have listened to country. I miss it.

Meanwhile, not that I am copying directly from this fun post by my soul brother, the other KB, here’s a sampling of what ran through my mind as I jiggled through the neighborhood trying to lose 10 pounds before NQC without sacrificing coffee creamer & Mexican food: Trace Adkins, perhaps the most under-celebrated country voice there is. He is Awesome. Solider-something-something – wonder if they’d notice if I lifted their Tribune this morning. I hope Dad really makes Miranda take a nap today. I also hope she doesn’t poop her pants. I can’t believe I get a whole day in the house to myself, except not really to myself, but no diapers or people screaming for me. Unless Rod screams for me, which might be possible if I don’t get those CDs in the mail. Need to invoice, need to invoice, need to invoice. Need to eat a high protein breakfast. Don’t want to spend a bunch of time cooking. I can’t believe it’s the first day of school. I can’t believe 4 years ago I was just starting student teaching.. yet this is my third August of not going back to school. I miss Jen. And English classes. Should I blog today or will that distract me from writing a column? I miss my Live Journal. And Buffy. What are we going to do about dinner and Wednesday night church? Where are we going to put the bus? Where are we going to be living a year from now?  Eesh. I feel sick. Must walk. I’m glad there are no kids waiting at bus stops. I’m glad I saved my leather pants. Now there’s a Facebook status! We so need to go school clothes shopping for Paige. I’m glad we’re finally seeing Eddie & Sandy Friday night. I wish I didn’t feel like I look pregnant now that my babies are… hm… 17 months old and 32 months old. Holy cow! Remember how you used to know how many weeks old they were? They are practically grown : ( Must run again. Need to get the carpets clean. Need to clean. Need to call Gramma, Becky, Rick, Renee, Lynda, Amy, the eye doctor, the dentist, the woman doctor. I wonder what kind of insurance we’ll have a year from now. I should take this route again later to see if anyone in the neighborhood succeeds in tricking the recycle truck guys. (Want me to recycle? GIVE ME A BIGGER BIN! Why won’t they take the extra boxes. How green is THAT?) I love this lyric. We should go see Trace Adkins again. I need a shower. And younger knees… home…

So, though I miss our Brett Marie much, I am excited about Dad taking over the babysitting duties so I can actually stay in the house and work from home with a land line and a printer and healthier lunch choices and ok, 90210 reruns in the background and the opportunity to do laundry at the same time. I am struggling a little right now with all there is to do: be a mommy and a smom to 4 kids with distincltly different needs, support Rod’s ministry both emotionally and logistically, jump start Branson GMC 2010, which is threatening to get away from me already in a good way, fulfill this amazing dream-come-true of being a magazine editor, and be a supportive & effective leadership team member for Moms & More, which has been my lifeline while all the other stuff is going on. Oh, and I also still want to do things like read books and complete photo projects and remember people’s special occasions with greeting cards.

But now I am going in to what my column is about, so I need to go write that. I leave you with a trace of Mr. Adkins…

“All I can do is all I can do but I keep on tryin’…”

and perhaps the more inspirational:

Well, I know sometimes you think that all you really are,
Is the woman with the kids an’ the groceries in the car.
An’ you worry about your hips an’ you worry about your age.
Meanwhile I’m tryin’ to catch the breath you take away.
Oh, an’ believe me, you still do.
Baby, all I see, when I look at you… is one hot mama!…”