There is a song by Diamond Rio that is fun & catchy, but once again, I didn’t quite get it until I had the babies. More on that later.

Today… well, today was frought with wrinkles. Wrinkles! I had it all figured out, and it all got messy. My dad came over this morning to watch the girls, because the Branson line has been so busy the last few mornings and usually my sitter comes later. So, everyone is happy, but the phone is quiet. No ticket sales. Gah.

When the phone did start ringing, little of it was good. We had 3… THREE… exhibitors for the convention cancel today. It was all for unavoidable reasons… 2 for health, 1 for financial. What can be done? The immediate reaction I had was defeat. We want everyone to come. We know it’s going to be a great time. We know ‘it will be worth it all.’ But again.. not much we can do. The other reaction? Well, this created holes in the schedule, holes in the floor plan, all of which must be addressed on paper and in Real Life (that’s for you, Josh!).

I was busy setting up radio interviews (because I *am* a Z-list celeb, you know) and making slides with all the group names & booth numbers (another task that was to be cared for my our former #shadybusinesspartner, but alas and alack… a big fat lack!)… I stopped and started trying to fix this stuff. I have terrible adult-onset-ADD. I really struggle with finishing one task before starting another, and usually it all gets juggled, but occasionally, the result is a typoo or some dumb thing I end up forgetting. I tried to focus. (No, I didn’t do that on purpose, but I’m leaving it there…).

Then the phone rang again, and it was Paige (my afternoon sitter). She was doing some chour work at school and got sick.. like, puke sick, and needed a ride. I went to pick her up and nearly had to throw her out of the car twice on the way home. I think puke in the car might have been the end of all things for me today. Love you, Paige. (It was a migraine; she is feeling better).

I scrambled to smooth the wrinkles. I scrambled to find a sitter because, well, I had to go run a bank errand and I *had* to get my hair ‘done’ today. (I consider this a work task. Have YOU ever seen a Southern Gospel female with her hair not done?). Luckily, Kirsten was able to come over for awhile and before I even left, Paige was feeling well enough to help, too.

Oh, and my hair looks bloody fantastic.

I planned to cook one of our favorites for dinner, spaghetti carbonara. We;ve been eating junk all week  and next week doesn’t look much more promising, so I got Rod to settle the madness of the little ones (Miranda’s 2nd day in a row of no nap, Kaity is swan-diving into ‘I want Mommy all the time’ phase, which, in 2 weeks, I am so going to oblige). Then I started gathering my ingredients and.. no garlic in the house.

Carbonara REQUIRES garlic. Another wrinkle.

I really did not want to drag the kids into a restaurant. They were tired and that ingredient is one that leads to disaster. So, in true Mother of the Year fashion, I set them in front of Snow White (on VHS!) and vacummed, because the filthy house is a wrinkle I don’t even want to think about right now. Rod and I decided a trip down the street to Burrito Station – quick and easy and somewhat decent – was in order.

Kaity screamed until the food was served. Then she did two things: flung cheese and lettuce everywhere and repeatedly dipped her little hands in her salsa and the tomato sauce on my enchilada; essentially, tomato sauce was her dinner. Miranda was switching between eating a quesadilla and trying to lay on Paige’s lap.

When it was time to leave, they were both screaming for shoes, baba, Mama. My Tweet from that ride home: It’s like being in an asylum sometimes. It So Is.

We got the darlings in the bathtub, which was good until Kaity started screaming again. She was so tired with red eyes and a general pout. I got her out as soon as Rod was done ‘gently’ rinsing her, swaddled her in her hooded-Disney Princess towel, and held her in front of the mirror so we could both admire ‘the baaaaybeee.’

When I began to lotion and diaper her on the bed, I noticed the wrinkles covering the bottom of her feet and began to sing the song that has become a familiar one during after-bath time (even more prominent than my past hit, ‘My Towel,’ sung to the tune of Montgomery Gentry’s ‘My Town.’ Alternative lyrics – it’s a gift I have.) In a moment, Rod and I switched and I began singing the song to Miranda, who gave me that look that could win her the Disney castle, the one that says, “Mommy, what you are doing is amazing. You are a skinny, supersmart ROCK STAR!’

We’re settling down now… Rod and I, working across from one another at our Ikea double work station. It’s all we’ve done in the evening hours for most of the past 2 months. It’s made me insane, and made me feel like myself again, my pre-family-of-my-own, kick-butt-take-names-project-manager self. I love what the convention has grown into. I love that for some reason, God chose to use us in this time and place for this reason. I love that my best friend and partner in life is the partner in my new career.

And wrinkles and victories taken into account, I love that in just over a week, it will be over, and we’ll have wonderful memories of it to keep us company while we’re swinging on the front porch or riding our bikes after dinnertime (before we start all over again!)

As I get a little older, I’m startin’ to get a few
And I’m sure I gave Mom and Dad at least one or two
We’re all gonna have ‘ em, there ain’t no doubt
But those wrinkles in life ain’t nothin’ you can’t iron out…
Those wrinkles ain’t nothin’ to be scared of
They’re just a product of time and true love
Some are gonna come and go
Some are gonna come and stay
I still feel young, I’m gonna be ok

-w. by Neil Thrasher & Ronny Scaife