I have so many things to say, stories to tell, memories to capture. To say Branson GMC was ‘worth it all’ would be such an understatement. To say it changed my life and perspective forever might begin to touch it. We are on our way home now, tired, overflowing, emotional, excited. The thing about working for God is that the work is never done. The other thing about it? We’re never alone in it.

To all we met and shared and reunited with this week, you have become forever engraved on our hearts. For all who supported us with words and hugs and food and prayers and time and especially your music Ministries, we thank our Lord for you. Can’t wait for our next ‘Hallelujah Meeting.’

To our friends and family at home, we have so much to testify to when we return. Thank you for sending your prayers and love with us.