12. Become less familiar with the personal lives of the Homewood post office staff.

11. Sing the soundtrack to ‘Sound of Music’ at the top of my lungs with Kaity and Miranda while pushing them on the swings, whilst strangers in the park look at us funny… more often.

10. Stop checking my texts and emails every 5 minutes. Oh.. who are we kidding? I do plan to put all the devices away for at least a few days… Except the Tivo. I need to get reacquainted with that.

9 . Go to the Lincoln Park zoo with my people. Visit my Gramma. Reinstate Friday night date night once or twice a month (listening, Mom? kTHANKS!) & reinstate Monday night girls’ night with my BFF. (Yay Jen! Thanks Rod!)

8.Catch up on Entertainment Weekly, and new books by Jen Lancaster, Sophie Kinsella, Jennifer Weiner (woot!) and go see Harry 6, and… vacuum and stuff. Oh, and enroll Paige in driver’s ed!

7. Start getting ready for NQC!

6. Consider hunting down all who sought to steal, kill, and destroy. As Drago says to Rocky, ‘You will lose!’

5. Use the daylight after dinner to take walks, ride bikes,run in the sprinkler, go for ice cream.. anything but rush the kids to bed while the sun is still out so we can work!

4. Find the surface of my desk, office floor, kitchen counter, etc. so I can make room for work on Moms & More 2009 and BRANSON GMC 2010 ! (add to this: find a new sitter :(

3. Finally put some WD-40 on that noisy packing tape. It sounds like the gates of hell opening in the beginning of the Stryper song. I’m not even kidding.

2. Reinstate healthy food, organic milk, homemade bread, daily runs! Stop buying bulk sale frozen pizzas.

1. Tell everyone I can about all the wonderful things GOD has done through us, to us, in us, around us during these last nine months.

**After Branson. Where’ve you been?