This has nothing to do with the post, but represents the lovely side of balance: family & friends!
This has nothing to do with the post, but represents the lovely side of balance: family & friends! Pictured: Two of my oldest friends (from first day of school in 1982!) and our combined 8 (and a half) kids.

This week has been all domestic, from catching up on laundry to cooking actual dinners to arranging playdates.

I think I forgot how to do it. The time period between Josh’s graduation and Branson GMC was filled with trips and preparation for trips and the Event, and I stopped cooking and playing and kind of stopped enjoying.

This week, however, I was reminded. And here are some delightful, humorous, and sometimes frustrating parts of my full time & most important job:

– The girls really like to be cuddled in the morning, as we each sip our drinks (milk in a sippy, milk in a bottle, coffee-cream-Splenda in a travel mug) and ponder the WGN morning news and/or Sesame Street. It’s a bit hard for antsy me to sit on the couch without texting or making a list or straightening something, so I have to keep reminding myself how nice it feels to have an armful of babies!

– Taking Paige to/from driver’s ed during the ‘witching hours’ (between naps & dinner) has been a little bit crazy, but mostly a good break in the day, and it’s very convenient to drop by Aldi’s on the way back, leave the 3 girls in the car, and get whatever dumb little thing I need to finish dinner. Ahem.. I will pause here to reflect on a Huge Mom Fail. Paige will be 16 in September, and we are all eagerly awaiting the addition of another driver in the family. However, we somehow missed that lovely, always sensible Illinois law changed last year, and kids now have to hold theirs permit for 9 months before they get their licenses. I have no problems with this law; I only wish we had known about it so we could have gotten her permit, you know, 9 months ago. She now won’t be able to get her license until spring. Grrr.. and so sorry, Pa-hey.

– We did outings this week. On Tuesday we went to the tot pool and then visited my Gramma in her new home at my aunt & uncle’s house. Some cousins were there as well, and we had fun.. trying on Gramma’s shoes, using her purses, reminiscing as we cleaned out the ‘playroom’ closet, eating lunch together, and playing in sidewalk chalk (although I hope poor 7-yr-old cousin Jade has recovered from Miranda’s efforts to color ‘with’ her/destroy her pictures).  Later that night we went for a walk to the park with Daddy (I think; I might have my days messed up). Yesterday we met some friends at the pool, then played & picnicked at the park, which led to a mid-afternoon shower time, which led to long, luxurious naps for the kiddos. Today, with no plans stretched before us, we went for our first bike ride in Awhile.. it was wonderful! Then we went on another excursion to Target, then Miranda decided we should eat Taco Bell in the car (which will lead to regrets on several levels, but for now, was fun. I had a book with me, they had music. Score!) Tonight we are getting together with more friends and tomorrow we will celebrate some birthdays with Lasagna Night at my parents’ house.

Meanwhile this week, I was offered an opportunity to take on another role, one that, quite possibly, I have been waiting for almost as long (ok, or longer) than I waited to be a mommy. We are in such a state of flux around here.. wondering what is next, what the next year looks like, that at first I was thrown, or at least, I pretended to be. Then I thought about for about 10 seconds and decided that it was a good move… that like all the other changes in our lives over the past 7 years, we will make it work, make it thrive, or make it go away.

So, along with being AgainMama, Southern Gospel wife, Branson GMC queen (not my words, but I like ’em :)… I am now also the new Editor-In-Chief of SGN Scoops. (Go ahead.. check out the current issue.. and know that it’s going to look and feel way different pretty soon!)

I am holding on… and letting go.. as I get ready to embark upon my latest new career!