About 150 or so people told me last week that we should take a few weeks off, beginning this week.

That’s been the plan, but you know about plans.

Today I tried to do ‘leisure.’ I had my sweey babysitter Brett here for 6 hours. I left the house armed with a 1-year-old massage gift certificate, a new book that’s been waiting in my room so long Miranda has torn pages out of it, and a flexible lunch date with my BFF.

I was running late to my massage. Counterproductivity at its finest. I needed to drop off the materials from my hospital teaching job that ended in May. It’s a journey from the parking lot to HR, and then I had to wait ten minutes to have the director accept the bag of books and elude that my services probably won’t be needed in the fall. I will miss that lovely 3 hour, $50 a week excuse to dress up and be teacher-ly.

Anyway, once I got to the spa, the massage was… well, the Mario Tricoci Signature massage is clearly what God made on the eighth day. There was a lot of heat involved. I happily did not fall alseep, and I laughed at the end when Calie the Therapist told me, ‘You are super-tight. You should try to do this once a month.’ I almost hugged the receptionist when she told me that my other gift certificate, given to me for my baby shower in 2006, would still be honored. Maybe I can do once a month for two months, anyway!

After lunch with Jen, I went to the mall. I thought this would be fun because I cannot remember last going to the mall without Miranda and Kaykay. Turns out, they have ruined the mall for me. It was no fun without them. I returned a skirt and went on a mini-spree for them at the Disney Store ($2 Princess flip-flops, anyone?). Then I got a chai latte and sat with my book at the fountain for 2 minutes and decided that the mall is 1) noisy and therefore not relaxing, and 2) a place to go with my kids in the middle of winter, not a place for a decent July day. Also, my feet hate me right now, and walking around is unpleasant to say the least.

My options for my last hour were to find an outdoor, quiet place to read or to go to Target and get all the grocercies I forgot to get on Monday. Guess which activity won?

The thing is, I don’t know how to be leisurely for too long. My head is buzzing with a brand-new to-do list from Branson GMC 2010, for things I want to write, for home stuff we need to get done. My heart is some where else, in the very recent past of last week.

What do you do after returning home from something that changed your life? I am pooped out yet raring to go. I am filled with words yet don’t know what to say. I am holding on and letting go. We have no idea what is coming next in our lives, only that we are ready to sell out to God and whatever He holds for our future.