I am pretty sure the only other time I have felt the way I did today was when I was waiting for Rod to come home on April 12, 2006, so that we could take a pregnancy test that ended up confirming that Infertile Kelly was going to have a Miranda!

Hm. Not sure that makes sense. Oh well.

We were facing a trial today, a decision that could make or break 8+ months of work and sacrifice for our family and others. Well, we thought we were. Rod had a call scheduled for 2pm to discuss it, and the discussion was a non-event. The decision had already been made. The meeting had already taken place. And the prayer that we’d claimed had already been answered.

I have NO idea, really, WHY it is we who are ‘doing’ the Branson Gospel Music Convention. I have never even BEEN to Branson (though now we’re going Sunday…). I have a degree in English Education and a background in IS Project Management. I quit my teaching job to be a stay-at-home Mommy. And as the line goes, SG friends, up until this year I thought Wendy Bagwell was a woman.

This is so NOT our thing. It is God’s. And I know that more than ever because in the last weeks we have had the whole thing almost turned upside because someone we trusted and loved turned out not to be who we believed and had done a lot of things to make it impossible. But what men (and by that, I mean any one of us) mean for evil, God means for good.

My WHOLE LIFE is a testimony to that.

I have already gained so much through the process of planning for Branson… understanding, job skills, kinship with the post office, amazing friendships. After today, which I spent working but also praying, listening to gospel music, and fasting (which Nacho Queen has NEVER done before), I am expecting much more than a convention, much more than what we’ve planned and expected. I am expecting a revival. And I say: bring it, Lord!

We still have a lot of work to fill the next 2.5 weeks and a lot of tickets to sell, but suddenly the load already seems lighter. Rod sings a song called ‘Victory’s Coming,’ and today I feel like it’s already here.