I may have said this before, but I hate the ‘I’m so tired, I’m so busy’ thing. Some people wear these conditions like a Girl Scout badge. I just don’t get it. Most of us are tired and busy, and because we all exist within our own realms of fatigue and stress, we likely feel our own levels are to the max at certain times.

So, I don’t like to tell people I am busy or tired. But, I do admit, right now, I am busy… maybe more so than ever in my life, or at least since student teaching 4 years ago. And this morning, I was Tired. We got in from our whirlwind Branson meet-and-greet after 1am, and it was after 2 when I went to sleep… and it was before 7 when Kaity woke up.

I had a headache. The kids hadn’t seen me since Saturday night. We were all a little clingy and crabby and the house was kind of wrecked and the coffee didn’t even get made and in the middle of them breaking a glass candle holder I gave a short, recorded phone interview to kind of a big deal SG show and was out of breath because I was so darn nervous!

I managed to get the three of us dressed and then Miranda said, “I want to go swimming.”

She went ‘swimming’ twice during our Florida trip and loved it. She is a fish just like Josh and Paige (and quite unlike me). Last week, we discovered that the local JCC has ‘tot swim’ on Tuesday and Thursday mornings… an hour and a half of fenced in, one foot water, toys-and-friends-and-lifeguard kind of fun.

One of the times I called home yesterday, Miranda was weeping and WAILING because she wanted to go to the zoo; she was looking through a photo album and saw pictures of us there. We were supposed to go last week, but there was just not time with all the work stuff, so we had to postpone.

Surely I could do the pool for 90 minutes?

So with some drama and aggravation, I fed Miranda and Kaity breakfast. I packed snacks and drinks and towels and put myself into a swimsuit and T-shirt because… gah. We missed the turn to the pool. We got there and no one was there. I checked and it was still ‘on.’ We got to the pool and…

It was kinda cold outside. No wonder there was no one there.

Miranda went right in though, and she played for about 40 minutes while Kaity threw toys and walked around with a rubber lizard in her mouth, and I got to know the lifeguard, a soon-to-be-senior in marketing at Depaul, and therefore not a candidate for babysitter replacement. (I am embarking on that lovely task. It’s the mommy-equivalent of trying to pick up a guy in a bar, I think. The subtle sizing-up. The watching out of the corner of my eye. The careful assessment of appearance and demeanor. I was much better at flirting with guys. Ahem. Anyway…) When Miranda turned blue and started shivering, I wrapped her up and held her while I finished a lovely conversation about college, careers, and Internet vs. print marketing.

We drove home and listened to Mrs. Potts singing ‘Beauty and the Beast’ about 15 times. We got dry and dressed and played until Brett, the current lovely babysitter, got here and I had to start working.

When I got home, there was some more playing and some melting-down. There was an easy dinner of leftover spaghetti and frozen French toast, a bath with a truly yucky AFR, and then a 2nd dinner of frozen pizza. Then, Miranda waited patiently while I paid my (late) Kohl’s bill on the phone and chit-chatted with the rep, and then she gave me a big kiss and hug and said, “Thank you for the swimming.”

She might be a little player. She might have a terrible temper. She might break glass items when I am having ‘important’ conversations. But she is very good at reminding me WHY I am a mommy first in this wonderful, unforgettable , unpredictable season of life.