My Dad, Jerry Capriotti, is a kind, generous, hard-working, super-affectionate, totally impatient, wonderfully-cooking, 5’6, sports fanatic, God-country-&-family loving man. I could not have asked for a better father. I could not have asked to be more loved. After 32 years of ups, downs, and crazies, he still supports everything I do, tells the world about it, and shows pictures. He still tells people he ‘popped the buttons’ on his shirt the days that my brother and I were born. His favorite thing is his family; his favorite times are when we are all together. I forgive him for booping me from my princess-pedestal, because he replaced me with the two little people I love most in the world, and they adore their Papa. He babysits them, brings them treats, reads them books, and pretty much literally kisses their feet. They, too, could not ask to be more loved.

I married a man who did not have the luxury of one consistent father figure. Every Father’s Day, I give thanks for Lawrence Burton, Rod’s Pawpaw, and Shorty Burkhart, Rod’s (stepdad) ‘Pop,’ and Chet Osborne (Rod’s uncle) for making him the kind of dad he is, which is an amazing one. Tonight, after little sleep and a long day, a concert and a late dinner, he dropped the girls and me off at the house before having to bring the bus back. But he didn’t just drop us off; he came in to be sure he could tuck in Miranda and Kaity, like he does every night. He is Paige’s favorite person in the world, even if he does consistently threaten all those future boyfriends. He still kisses Josh and tells him he loves him every day, even though Josh is now taller than he is and sometimes doesn’t welcome the involvement :) I won’t go into all the things he does for all of us, but his four kids could not ask to be more loved.

And neither could I.

Happy Father’s Day to the two greatest men I know, and to my brother, my friends, the stepdads I know, and all of Miranda & Kaity’s ‘Uncles’ who enrich children’s lives with your great, big hearts.