… ever feel that way?

I am having a crisis of trust today. It’s not all that dramatic, I don’t think.

I fear that in the next few weeks, we are going to have to piece together things we didn’t break. I am confident that we can with some help and guidance. I am a little sick to my stomach about the idea of being misled, hung out to dry, ignorant.

I feel like George Bailey, and I am wondering why he ever let Uncle Billy have the kind of authority that he did.

So, I am saving the email in a draft, waiting it out, praying for wisdom, fixing my kids rainy day comfort food, maybe going to go see Star Trek.

Speaking of kids, Kaity had her 15 month check up today! Two shots and a blood draw, and she was a trooper. She is now 21 pounds and 32 inches and a superhero :)

It is what it is. Whadya gonna do? (for Rod…)

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  • Kristen

    Kelly- She looks just like you. Way too cute!

    • Ha! Thank you! I was a blond at her age too… I hope she keeps the blue eyes.