So I experienced a few pinnacles in entertainment over this past week. Here are my thoughts: (under the cut, of course; possible spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy, Star Trek, Angels & Demons)

Grey’s Anatomy
I love that this show, except for Ghost!Denny, really seemed to get back to why I loved it this year. For one, it was funny! I laughed! (I also cried a lot, because Shondra Rhimes is seriously, seriously mean to pregnant women and babies). Anyway, I loved the addition of Owen. Last season seriously missed a Man With An Edge, a la Preston Burke, and at least Owen’s makes some sense. I also loved Lexie – she is was Izzie used to be – and I enjoyed her with Mark. I missed George (& the Chief’s wife), but I did not miss Erica (good riddance. What an off character) or MerDer drama. I can say from experience, happy couples who were previously dark & twisty couples can still live out exciting stories. Let them be twisty together (!)

Anyway, for the finale itself. Ag! Mostly, I can’t believe Alex yelled at Izzie the way he did, but at least it showed he didn’t just transform into a brand new person. I hope in s6 we finally learn more of his backstory. He is probably the most real character on the show. The George storyline breaks my heart (though I enjoy what it brought out in Callie/Arizona and that it actually reminded us that all these people LOVE George).

The Izzie ending (or ending thus far) was completely predictable. The George one, not so much. The Owen/Cristina one… wow! Really? It seems sudden and yet right. I hope those kids make it. Going to be a long summer of Thursday nights.

Star Trek
I admit that I made fun of Star Trek & its fans during much of my life, until right around my junior year of high school, when the current Guy-Whose-Hobbies-Had-To-Become-My-Hobbies got me watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. (That, an intro to Beethoven’s Egmont Overture, & a really good pasta recipe are the only good things that came out of those 11 months. OH – and a night working at the Dari Whip when everyone else was at our junior prom). Anyway, I loved it. LOVED it! It was not until recently that I finally moved the Capt. Jean Picard poster from my closet. (the things we do for love and marriage). I watched Deep Space Nine some, learned to appreciate the original, and saw most of the movies (First Contact is my favorite). But then, I never unpacked my Viewer’s Companion or Technical Manual (’cause, you know, I was going to write a script for the show that likely had Commander Ryker wooing me), and kind of let it go.

But I knew I wanted to see the new movie, and though it didn’t work out for Mother’s Day (our two year tradition of going to see sci-fi/adventure movies in the spirit of the Geek Mom has been broken), I did get to see it Friday night. And I loved almost every second of it! The first 10 minutes were hard for me…. a little too much reality, and another yawn/eyeroll-inducing probable wicked stepparent. (Which reminds me, I really need to publish my List of Acceptable Stepparents. Did you know there ARE some?) The rest of it made me giggle and enjoy the ride. I thought the casting was perfect. Karl Urban may have impressed me the most, not just because he was sexy/underused Eomir in Lord of the Rings, but because he managed to be Bones McCoy but bring fun and yes, sexyness, to the character. I wasn’t sure about ‘Sylar’ being Spock, but he nailed it, too. His general annunciation has always irritated me, but I was able to see past it. The whole Spock/Vulcan storyline was so well crafted in the way it matched logic and emotion. Eric Bana was a truly creepy villian, and the ones who have some kind of ‘noble angst’ as their ‘justification’ are always the creepiest.

I can’t wait for the next one.

Angels and Demons
I only want to touch briefly on this. I have not yet seen the movie, but I did finish the book a few weeks ago. It was a good story, albeit far-fetched and injected with Dan Brown’s completely unbelievable dialogue and completely annoying/pointless descriptions of clothing and emotions. It had a melodramtic final twist that is straight out of the How to Write in the Style of an 80s Prime Time Soap manual (I’m talking Bobby in the shower lameness!). BUT… the tenants of the story… science and Christianity at war.. are fodder for so much intelligent research.

When I read Da Vinci Code a few years ago, I could barely put the book down (Ah, that was my first summer off as a teacher AND I was pregnant with Miranda. Countless books were read). The thing I remember most about finishing that book was that I, as a Christian, did not question anything I believed but wanted to know more about things Brown was pointing to as fact. I turned to a few broadcasts and then finally to Erwin Lutzer’s The Da Vinci Deception. This book was absolutely captivating, far more so than anything Brown has written. In it, Lutzer provides historical evidence that essentially proves the Bible’s integrity. He did not make impassioned pursuits against the heresies presented in Da Vinci Code. He didn’t have to.

I am not a person who needs ‘evidence’ to support my faith. But, I know a lot of people need some logic and science before they can open up to something and for that reason, I think Dan Brown’s books could be a good jumping off point for an introduction to Jesus the Christ and the Person.

I have never understood why Christians or others deem it necessary to judge books based on covers or hearsay. I remember getting a well-intention forwarded email some years back with a truly chilling ‘article’ about Harry Potter, and about how Satanic cults were using it to lure children into their churches. Turns out, the story was written and published by THE ONION – a very well know satirical paper. That made me want to read Harry for myself… and I read all seven, along with my husband and 2 older kids, and we’ve had a lot of enjoyment and solid discussion based on Harry’s story.

Harry… Buffy the Vampire Slayer… Robert Langdon… all of these characters I have enjoyed have been studied as allegories for the gospel. I doubt any of the creators of these characters meant for them to be in that light. The fact that they are says to me that good and evil all goes back to the source of each. If something can be used to introduce people to why good trumps evil, why faith and science can be friends, why we need a Hero and a Savior, then I don’t need to waste my time condemning it.

Oh, but if I am going to condemn something, I’m going to read it first…

… Tonight will be the finale of Dancing With the Stars. This season was lamer than most, but I always have fun enjoying it with BFF Jen and a pile of something yummy. Likely it will be tomorrow before Rod and I enjoy Jack Bauer’s final 2 hours of day 7. Then, our TVs will pretty much be off until September.