It was Moms & More day… always chaotic, rushed, exhilarating, and wonderful.

Yesterday, it was also poignant, because I met Cheryl, who lost her daughter last month in a horrible accident that sort of changed my life (in the spiritual sense).

It was so touching for me to meet her. She was still standing. I don’t know what I expected. I guess in light of the depth of my own grief for her and several others who have experienced this loss lately, I expect a shadow of a human, a empty shell. But she wasn’t. She was dressed normally. Her hair was done. She smiled. She talked about scrapbooking. She ate & drank.  She joked & laughed. And she cried.

I have heard from her friends about her incredible faith and strength. I am grateful to have had the chance to see it for myself, to hug her, to share a snippet in a life so marked. I hope I gave her a little something. I wish I could give her more.

It was a really stressful week. Exhausting. The convention is taking up every extra minute, but the rest of life goes on, and I am always running behind and always feeling guilty about what I don’t give or accomplish. So I am trying to make things simple whereever I can. Yesterday, after Moms & More, I got the girls a Happy Meal for lunch and didn’t fret when they only ate the fries. I entertained some sunny-afternoon visitors, one planned/two random. The planned one refilled my salsa bowl and let me sit on the couch for 50 minutes (thank you, Jen!). The random ones were just nice to see.

After naptime, the Burton babes went outside to ‘ride bikes.’ Yay for spring, just when we were about to lose our minds! Then we headed with Daddy to the casa de Paris, where we BBQ’d meat, ate yummy treats, and just played and talked and spilled and planned our trip to WDW the whole night.

When we came home, we carried the tired ones to bed, then my husband wet-jetted the kitchen while I cleaned out the diaper bag. THEN, we slept for 8.5 hours.

I got no work done whatsoever.

Yesterday rocked.