Much like Ma Ingalls before me, I am a little obsessed with the whole ‘2 little kids in the shopping cart’ conundrum. There are only so many options, especially before one of the little kids can sit up, that will allow a person to shop for a family of six without using two carts (which is definately not an option for a klutz named Kelly).

I recently returned to the place where I used to shop before that Supercenter place took over my life. This place has better variety and better sales… and better CARTS! Kaity is old enough now to sit like a big girl, so we are doing the race car thing (not the actual car attached to the front. That one still scares me. This is the one that has two seats that face forward and a car facade around the cart. They love it… they ‘drive’  and honk and eat snacks and wave at people. Sometimes they help me make shopping decisions (especially ones like, ‘How much time do I really have to choose between organic and hormone-free milk before they have total meltdowns in need of Cheese Nips?’)

Anyhow, I noticed as we were happily leaving the store yesterday (having spent way too much money on spices, of all things… who knew sesame seeds were so costly?), recalling a Monday morning in January when we thought, ‘Wow. Can’t wait to go shopping in April when all the snow is gone!’ (uh-huh), that the cart has a label on it saying “Do Not Remove From Store.’

Seriously? So the sort of people who need carts that accomodate at least two kids are supposed to… what? Have the kids carry some bags? Transport everything/one to another cart?

In my case, people break the rules. Just this once, of course… and I always return my carts to the dsignated corral, just like Ma Ingalls would do…