Used to be the family von Burton (we are all 6 going around singing the Sound of Music soundtrack, so the nickname may stick) would party hard during the week… dinner late, dinner out, crazy after dinner errands. This lasted well after Miranda was born. She was always an easy baby to bring out. She’s social, after all. When Kaity was an infant, it continued. Josh works several nights a week until 8pm, so in order for all of us to eat dinner together, we would wait, and in the spirit of frivolity, we’d eat out.

Pretty much the moment Kaity and Randa hit 6 months/2 years or so, that stopped. For one, eating out got more expensive (meals for 6 compared to 4). It also got harder to do (no explanation needed, I’m sure).  And truthfully, I found my stride ‘domestically’ and figured out how to cook with the 2 babies around… and rediscovered my absolute joy for cooking and baking. I have actually been sitting down on Sundays with cookbooks to make my grocery list. As a result, we’ve eaten only homemade bread for several months and have been trying a lot of new recipes. Fun!

On Wednesdays, we have a sitter who comes in the afternoon until 6:30 so I can leave the house and work on convention stuff (I used to go to Panera until I got sick of the blond lady’s hairy eyeball. Now I go to the library, which is nice but doesn’t smell as nice…) I usually get dinner ready before I leave the house, but today I had Kaity’s doctor appointment in the morning and I forgot to thaw the meat and blahblahblah. So anyway…

We decided to make like the days of yore and go out to eat. And since Josh was working and we needed some Stuff From Target, we decided to go to the store first and then meet him at Applebee’s for dinner with Uncle Jimmy.

Note: Uncle Jimmy has been ‘our waiter’ at Applebee’s for around 6 years, no… more. He is about Rod’s age and about 7 feet tall and we love him. We would never eat there when he isn’t working. We give him Christmas cards and pictures of the kids. He’s our pal Jimmy… to the babies, Uncle Jimmy.

But anyway, before that, we had to get Easter shoes for the little divas. Normally, we have to get them Stride Rite shoes because they have eensy narrow feet. However, when it comes to sandals we can cheat a little, and sandals are the order for Easter dresses, even though Rod says they will likely ‘be wearing them in 5 feet of snow.’ Let’s rebuke that thought, shall we?

Anyway, Miranda is a total, utter shoe girl, way more than I am. (More of a bag girl myself). And she gets sooooo excited about her shoes that it’s hard not to be swept up in her mania (She shows random strangers her new shoes for days. She just holds up her foot, like a wave). So when we found the sparkly pink Disney Princess(!!) shoes, I thought we were done. In fact, we could have been. But then Paige and I found WEDGES… perfect brown wedge sandals that perfectly match Randa’s Easter dress. And lest you say, ‘But Kel-LEE, she is just a baby. Wedges?!’ let me tell you that the child walks in my heels better than I do. And it’s not like she’s going to the park in them. So anyway, thanks to Mommy and Sissy and Target’s now-we-have-you-right-where-we-want-you shoes sale, Randa got two pairs of shoes, and Kaity almost did. I fell in love with a little pair of sandals but they just didn’t fit her quite right. I think I mostly loved how little her feet still look in them. Anyway, she got a cute canvas pair that will also match her dress.

The dresses? Pink and brown and white, but quite different from each other. And speaking of dresses, the I Love Lucy dress arrived in my size and I HEART it. However, it is also brown and white with pink… will it be totally cheesy if I wear it on Sunday?

Aw, whatever. We’ll hold hands and sing Do Re Mi and it will be just like a movie!