I resumed my ‘running’ as exercise this morning.

As a previous and somewhat infamous FB status of mine described, my version of running is something like: Run until I nearly puke, walk.

I choose running because it is logistically convenient. I want to lose weight efficiently and still eat the things I like. I don’t have a lot of time to work out, so I need to fit it in before Rod leaves for work in the morning.

I hate running.

When I started this last summer, it really helped me clear my head and I was starting to tone up/slim down. But alas. We left for National Quartet Convention and that was the end of it. My feet didn’t recover for a month, and by then, it was too cold for me.

So here I am again.

This morning’s effort was dismal. Though I went a mile, I walked for 80% of it due to a wardrobe malfunction. (Stupid Walmart low-riding jogging shorts. Why do jogging shorts have to be low-rise waist? Why can’t they just be cute & comfy?). Also, I tried out my new iPod arm holster and kind of hated it. It either felt tight like a blood pressure cuff or too loose to stay secure. Grr.

I was, however, happy with the shuffle-mix that my iPod produced. Along with Kenny Loggins’ ‘Footloose’ and Bing Crosby’s ‘Don’t Fence Me In,’ I had a who’s who of unhappy female country singers: Martina McBride’s ‘When God Fearin’ Women Get the Blues,’ Sara Evans’ ‘I Keep Lookin’, ‘ Miranda Lambert’s ‘Kerosene,’ and Dixie Chicks ‘Goodbye Earl.’ I so miss the Dixie Chicks. And that Martina song? One of the most underated songs EVER. I mean, she nailed the whole Easter-cantata-culture of the Pentescostal church. ‘We’re sorry you’re hurting, but can you still _____ for us?’ Fantastic song, smokin’ video.

I guess I will try again tomorrow, especially since I ate the hummus tonight. (It wasn’t the hummus that was bad; it was the half box of Artisan Colby Wheat Thins…)