My not getting up and getting ready (for me, this is wash hands & face, brush teeth, moisturize, make-up, little hair spruce, clothes) before the babies wake usually equals total Fail.

But today, again with Daddy gone, I’m trying to be mellow. So the three of us lounged together all snug in my bed, watching some of Sesame Street. But once the milk was gone and Elmo was done running, mutiny began.

You know what it’s like, so I won’t go into detail. And then during the mayhem, I thought of a Tweet I wanted to send. Yesterday, Kaity sneak-attacked vomited on me (ag!) AND she pooped in the bathtub for the first time. So I was going to send, “Goal for today: get through without an A.F.R, V.I., or M.E.*’

I didn’t get a chance to send it. Somewhere in there, Kaity pooped, it escaped her diaper, got on her cute leggings, and… smeared on my hand.

When we came downstairs, she snotted on my white shirt.

We were going to go to story hour at the library, but with Kaity having a runny nose and Miranda coughing, I’d rather not start a swine flu panic. (Yeah. Media hype much?).

Miranda broke her new invisible-pen-magic-color thing within minutes of receving it last night. This morning I kept having to explain over and over again that it was broken, in the garbage, gone bye-bye. Then after I specifically told her not to, she tried to look for it in the garbage can.

That’s when I started thinking, ‘Hmm. Ok, God. That’s me. I hear stuff, but I have to check and double check…’

Last night, I had a difficult talk with Teen Daughter. I was pretty sure I was totally failing, but it’s a topic neither of us are very comfortable explorig. And as evidenced this morning, she likley ignored everything I said. Lesson: she is going to have to figure this one out on her own. And it will hurt a little.

So now we are trying to be mellow. It is raining, again. The meat is in the crockpot for carnitas, one of my favorite dinners. Today is my last foreseeable day teaching at the hospital, though I hope I go back in the fall. Rod is coming home tonight and there’s a new Grey’s on that will hopefully NOT involve tragic stories about little children or pregnant women. It’s 10am and I finally took my first sip of coffee. We’ll take it one moment at a time today!

* Translation: Accidental Fecal Release, Vomit Incident, Mucus Event.