If I had to pick a set of problems, it might look a lot like the ones I have right now…

– I am full. I am full of things to do and people to love.

– I am short… on time and energy, because of all the things and people and love.

Events over the weekend caused me to evaluate some of my ‘stuff’ – you know the stuff: my passions, my compassions, my complaints. And as most of us learn sometime in our late 20s (or whenever it is we actually grow up), I know that my greatest strengths can be weaknesses if I don’t use them well.

I used to view my ability to love and accept others as a trap. I trusted so many wrong people. I got tricked. I got hurt. But in the long run? Who cares? ‘

Not sure the woman in the mirror taking this picture, the one who needs to lose 20 pounds and get her eyebrows and grays groomed, who should read more scriptures and fewer blogs, who has a big case of frustrated perfectionism, who is always looking for the next thing… could be any fuller.