Rod & I just finished dying the eggs. It was kind of a non-event. The girls have colds (sick THREE holidays in a ROW!), so we didn’t even attempt to do this activity together today. This morning, however, we let them hunt for the Resurrection Eggs I made at Moms & More. Each egg contains a symbol from the passion or crucifixion of Jesus, except for the last egg, which is empty like the tomb. Miranda got into the story a little. At the very least, I hope she understands the summary we gave her: Jesus is alive and He loves us!

Tomorrow is such a special day. I am always humbled to the core to think about what my Heavenly Father scarificed for me. I don’t ever feel so loved as when I ponder the thought that had I been the only one, Jesus would have died for me.

Tomorrow is also an anniversary. It will be three years since we confirmed that I was pregnant with Miranda. I’m pretty sure I have told this story to everyone I know, but it’s HERE if you want to catch up. April 12, 2006, was truly a milestone in my life, a turning point, and filled with moments I will always cherish. Even now, as I hold BOTH of my miracle babies, nothing quite compares to the moment that I saw with my own eyes tangible evidence of a miracle-working Lord. He gave me what it was impossible for me to have.

This picture is from July of 2006, one of my favorites of many ‘Pregnant Kel’ pictures. I doubt there has ever been a happier pregnant woman than I was! Those babies brought magic into my life. They sealed our new family together. They showed Rod and me that our marriage was truly blessed with grace and hope. The summer of 2006 was also when Rod embarked upon his ministry as a solo gospel singer. Looking back, it’s CRAZY how different our lives are now. We have traveled many roads, experienced new things, made amazing friends, and been able to see direct and indirect fruit of His work through us. What a gift!

This past month, as I mourned my grandparents and the true close of a chapter in my life, I have had to do a lot of self-reflection. I am blessed with a husband who knows how to admonish me and make me focus on higher things. I am blessed with friends of iron who seek to sharpen me and also encourage me. I have asked God to make me holy, and He has brought some surprising healing and reconciliation to me in just the past two weeks.

Tomorrow is hallowed, and it is a celebration. Everything I have – and I am blessed beyond measure with LOVE, relationships, and the necessities of life – is because of Him. If you don’t get it, if you don’t know Him, seek Him this Easter. He will have wonderful surprises for you, too.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.
Because He lives, all fear is gone.
Because I know He holds the future,
And live is worth the living just because He lives.
– Gloria Gaither