“All I did was confess, and Jesus did the rest… thank God I’ve been released and made brand new…

What you see is not a perfect person… What you see is someone that was broken until the hand of Jesus made me whole. … What you see is not a finished product, what you see might sometimes miss the mark. But I know my Father’s eyes see only His sweet prize: the perfect, holy children that we are.

You’re looking at a child forgiven, you’re looking at a soul set free, you’re looking at pardoned prisoner who’s walking now in liberty. I’m standing here because of wondrous grace – my sins are in the deepest sea. He washed me clean somehow so what you’re seeing now is a happy, happy child set free.” – as recorded by Gaither Vocal Band

I love the idea of NEWNESS. I love Revelation 21:5. I love Isaiah 43:19. I love that my kids make me feel like I have a second chance. I love that God’s grace makes me feel like I have another chance daily (and sometimes more than that).

I loved, perhaps more than any other scene, the line Jesus utters in Passion of the Christ, “See Mother? I make all things new.” I love the song Sara Evans & Brad Paisley wrote and sing about it. I love, love, love that if I were the only rotten person on the face of this old world, Jesus would have died to make me NEW.

Christians, let’s be EXCITED! This is a holy week. Sunday is a holy celebration. This is why we are what we are. This is why we do what we do. Jesus is not just some sweet cooing baby. He is not a defeated man dying in agony. He’s the all powerful, all knowing, all forgiving, ALL LOVING, KING OF KINGS.

Thank Him, praise Him, love Him, and celebrate Him. Let Him make you NEW!