I was mentally composing this post all weekend. It was going to be about ‘confessions’ – snarky lilttle thoughts and incidents from  our trip. And now I can’t remember all the funny things I was going to say. Probably for the best.

Today… was a comedy of errors. Nothing went right. Little got done. So once I realized the post I planned for today had gone bust, I started to mentally plan a list of everything that ran amuck today (a FAIL blog, if you will) – for example: puke in car (Miranda’s), locking keys in car, leaving keys inside bank, not being able to find cute-non-70s-hippy-non-Jesus-sandals-non-practical-Mom-shoes…

Anyway, the most positive thing I can do at that end of this very, very NOT productive day is to post a list of all the good things I can think of:

– Miranda took her breakfast outside on the patio, sat in a chair, ate it, then sang. So, so sweet.
– Kaity said “Hi Paige” when Paige walked into the room
– They BOTH sang words to Sound of Music in the car. Kaity, too! She was almost asleep and woke up to sing the word ‘Hills!’ She is sososo sweet.
– We had a fun lunch with Gramma after a trip to her office
-… and Miranda did not have a tantrum when the balloon Gramma’s boss gave her flew away (‘with the birdies’ – the wind was FIERCE today)
– I may have found someone to fix up with the BFF (bank manager. Hoozah!)
– The guy from Kohl’s credit called to collect my late payment (FAIL) and I ended up about making him cry (in a good way) sharing with him about my miracle babes. He & his wife have a 6 year old son and they are having trouble conceiving baby #2.  I promised God I would NEVER stop testifying about our miracle babies and I won’t.  He is hope for the hopeless. I will try to remember this in the future when the kids are making noise in the background of Every Phone Conversation I Have.
– We had a relatively event-free dinner, bathtime, and bedtime.
– I got some laundry done.
– I found someone from whom to purchase Pampered Chef stuff, and it’s going to benefit the March of Dimes in Maddie’s honor.
– Sammie the Dog looks really cute with her new shave.
– Rod cleaned the carseats.. no more icky smell in car (Though he should get an engineering degree just for being able to take those apart and put them back together).
– My new laptop has shipped and everything but my (20GB of) music is backed up and ready to go. Yay!

So yeah. I am behind on everything… emails, phone messages, blibbity blah. But at the end of the day, if the kids and husband are content, no one had to go to the doctor, and I got to watch Dancing with the Stars, then I say we’re doing OK!