A few years ago, when my big, strapping, almost-10-year-old nephew was still a little blond boy, he told my brother/his dad that he had ‘old knees.’ Oh, how we laughed.

Yeah, well, I have ’em now. It hurts going up the stairs, and sometimes I have to shake them out for awhile in the morning before they work the right way. This really has nothing to do with anything, but it made me laugh today once when I needed it.

Today, in a nutshell, continued the underlying suckage of this week. One of our close friends had to have surgery (thankfully, he is ok). I did not attend the wake of my grandpa because I knew I would only be met with more strife than it would have been worth. Miranda still has the flu… no fever today but still very much having the ‘other end’ of things. She even had what her Aunt Jen called an ‘AFR’ in the bath tonight. Points if you know what that means! And this afternoon, to keep it fun, Kaity started puking… and puking… and puking.. The funny thing about her is that she still wants to eat and drink and play. She has practically covered our whole family floor tonight, and she doesn’t cry or even blink. Such a trooper, my Kaykay.

We’re going to call it a night in hopes we might still get our date night tomorrow. Marriage at six years is still very much, um, glamourous.