So much about my current life seems a little unconventional to me.

Some  things about the way I got here were unconventional too.

However, nothing changes how happy I am to be where I am… how happy I am to be 32, healthy, educated, safe, mother-ing, and married to Rod Burton.

In 45 minutes “home time,” he turns 45. Today I had the privilege of watching him through the eyes of some who loved him long before I knew him. I also got to watch him through the eyes of his latest, greatest creations – our baby daughters.

And what can I say about those glimpses? Well, just that this guy who is still my best friend and boyfriend and hero is,  even in stress and complications, still wide-eyed and big-hearted and the most wonderful person to ever take me as I am.

In all the jumbles of my heart and hurdles of our lives, I love you, Rod. I hope your next year is filled with all the grace and the love that you continue to give,  and I hope you remain healthy and strong so that, as Psalm 128 says, you may see your children’s children… though not for a long, long time!