Blogging is so weird. Because of blogs, I know the life stories and daily details of people I have never met. Because of blogs, I have met people from different parts of the country and different walks of life I’d have otherwise not come close to knowing. Because of blogs, I have some places to go when I need a laugh (thank you, Jen Lancaster), and places that have brought me more tears than my own life has sometimes…

We’re having such a great week here in Piegeon Forge. It’s been much more of a vacation than I expected. We are staying up too late and sleeping in, and letting the girls just run and play and be. I am, as you may have noticed, ‘Twittering’ so many of the fun moments, but then when it gets quiet – like it is now with the girls napping late and Rod inside the convention – I almost feel guilty. There has been so much tragedy surrounding us in both real life and ‘cyber life’ the past week and a half.  Two old friends lost their fathers, two their grandmothers, and three ‘friends of friends’ have lost their children.  Another friend lost a friend. Someone  in the news lost his wife and now has two boys to raise alone.  Along  with/on top of all these is all the tragedy in the news – such as the Alabama & Germany shootings just last week.

I know we have to keep living, and I am. We’ve had laughs and treats and snuggles and made great memories this week. I believe God is calling me, perhaps teaching me, to be an encourager. Maybe He is even preparing my heart for things to come. Whatever the case, right now, I am just letting my heart break for these people who are suffering. It’s raining, it’s quiet, and sometimes, I guess it’s ok, in spite of hope, just to be sad.