While I continue to digest NQC and prepare the time to post about it, here’s a glimpse into home life tonight from my personal blog:

so much for that

Tomorrow, we had big plans: possibly the ‘mommy’ group I have been praying for since Miranda was born starts in the morning, and tomorrow night was scheduled to be “we have our house all to ourselves” for Rod and me.

So naturally, Miranda woke up a little while ago to a bed full of pot roast and carrots… and not because she had smuggled leftovers in a napkin, let me tell you.

As I held her and felt lovely warmth roll down my back (ew!), I really did smile and thank God for my babies. Earlier today, I read a blog from someone who had two miscarriages this year. So what is a little puke, a little chaos, a few more thwarted plans? It’s very little to trade for my miracles.

She is sleeping on our bed now, and we’re waiting for Rod to come home with the Pedialyte. I am a little worried because the new no-bottle thing means she didn’t drink very much today to begin with. We don’t want any IVs this time…