I don’t have a lot of profound things to say right now. I am feeling really grateful for where my life is. God has recently given me a sense of focus, peace, and assurance that I have been missing. I am feeling secure in my current ‘role’ in life. I am grateful for my family and friends. I am excited about our future.
That said, this past Saturday night was a culmination of many of those things. Last week, sitting on our bus with my mom, I asked her if she ever thought in a million years she’d be riding on her son-in-law’s bus with her daughter and two baby granddaughters. Of course, she said no. Life in the Chicago south suburbs, and life for me in general, never really pointed in this direction. It just happened. And what happened on Saturday night was a celebration of Rod’s new CD (I am so proud of and in love with it), and our baby girl Kaity, who was dedicated to the Lord.

We had a lot of family and friends there with us for the concert/dedication/party. And especially of note, we had the Jay Stone Singers there. We just met them in February of 2007 when Rod was singing at the Northmen’s homecoming. And it was just one of those things… we clicked with Bobby and Sharona Carter and have become like family. Our kids, who are different ages and have led pretty different lives, act like siblings (though I’ve told Stone he has to pick one of our three daughters to marry…). Though they live in North Carolina, we have been with them five times already this year and will see them again before it’s over. On top of this, their music has blessed us.

So it was quite a pleasure to have them with us, and it was so much fun to hear Bobby and Sharona sing live with Rod, as they did most of the background vocals on the new CD. They are also Kaity’s godparents, and together with Rod, they sang “Eagle Song” for her. It was beautiful.

It was also fun to introduce Sharona’s parents, Mr. Jay & Mrs. Mary Stone, to downtown Chicago. Of the many memories of that day, this picture is one of my favorites:


Now for something totally different, something I can’t shake: Did you see any of the interviews that the Steven Curtis Chapman family has given in the last week? They appeared on Good Morning America, Larry King Live, and in People magazine to talk about the accidental death of their baby girl Maria… and the amazing healing of the Lord in their lives. I have hesitated to write too much about it here. I don’t want to seem like I am exploiting their pain. But, I have been so incredibly moved and touched and affected by this, partly because of the generous, respectful sharing of the man who runs this blog. I am not sure why… all I know is that I continue to cry for them and pray for them… and I also believe that God is going to do incomprehensible, amazing things through a truly awful situation. If you don’t believe me, Christians in particular, check out this video. Imagine a world in which an icon like Larry King is changed by the testimony of others. I am imagining it, praying for it, and liking that possibility. Let’s challenge ourselves to show the kind of faith that moves everyone around us.