(… in attempt to document as much of our current trip as possible. It’s an experiment).

– Within 30 minutes of leaving home, all 3 girls fell asleep. They all woke up at the same time, too. Is that a sister thing?

– For the first time, I got out at the Flying J truck stop. Wow. Truck stop stores ROCK! They have everything. And apparently a chick who holds the door open for a trucker is an appreciated thing. (Or it could be that I look incredibly hot with my 20 leftover baby pounds and in my jeans and UK T-shirt. Well, at least my hair and skin look fabo, but I sort of doubt he was noticing that. Only my girlfriends notice that!). Just saw a trucker walk past with a 64 (yes, SIXTY FOUR) ounce COFFEE CUP! I wonder if he is catheterized, because, seriously… the pee!

– Pumping diesel makes Rod smell a little dirty (but I love you, honey!)

– People who zip right in front of very long vehicles (ie, our bus) are idiots.