Notes: I won’t make up to day three. Let your mind wander…

I sent a random text to some friends today. It said simply, “Sometimes, a little 80s music is all that gets me through. George Michael was my little helper today.”

Once again singing the slick and styling and very relevant ’80s tunes and dancing with Miranda was a little bright spot in a steeeee-ressful day. Today’s stress was specifically brought on by several factors:

1) Rod and I got less than 4 hours sleep last night. Ugh.

2) The bus & its tenants, after 5 days on the road and all the… waste?… that come along with such, are now a bit… grimy. (Must. Buy. Swiffer WetJet).

3) There was yet ANOTHER large milk mishap today (though it was after the “Kissing a Fool” stress relief, and at LEAST this time it was not organic milk. Thanks a lot, stupid non-Super Wal-mart).

4) Today was the studio day, and I am a studio rat. The music tracks were recorded today (and BTW… they were great, ‘specially the steel). Rod essentially is there to go over the arrangements and sing along. His vocals won’t be recorded until next month, and that’s when my special brand of encouragement is more… well, if not necessary, than at least somewhat important. Basically, I don’t need to be there for this. But, I am, admittedly, entranced by the whole process. I love hearing the demos in all their bareness and cheesiness, then watching all the studio musicians (who are seriously talented people. I don’t know how they do what they do…) set up, listen to a song once, look at a bunch of numbers, and then produce a perfect piece of music in a few takes. I love how little bits get rerecorded and seamlessly pasted in. I love the technology the engineer uses to accomplish all this and more, and I love watching the session leader have light bulbs go off and then execute the ideas. I love watching Rod in his little booth and yes, narcissistic as I am, I love when I suggest something and he does it :) It’s such a fun process, and it’s not at all my thing (though I may finagle myself into a BGV or two on this CD… that’s “background vocals” for those of you not privy to the biz), so I feel so lucky to be a part of it. BUT… it’s hard for me to do while caring for them thar youngin’s… and that’s where the stress comes in. Loong day short: Miranda wasn’t too destructive, the engineer was very adept at tuning out the moments when she was destructive, and I got to witness the creation of 7 out of 10 tracks. Granted, this experience also involved some very un-yuppy-mommy moments, such as taking water from Miranda’s bottle to mix formula for Kaity’s and letting Miranda play with my two month old, still undamaged cell phone (honestly? I would have let her EAT the phone if it meant I could listen in…) Anyway, I worry so much about being a distraction or a hindrance, but it all worked out in the end.

It’s just that in the end, I am exhausted! So, thank you post-Wham! George, friendly studio guys, sweet quiet Kaity, mostly not-beastly and often super charming Miranda, and of course, cool rock star husband, for allowing me a few hours to live out my “This is what it felt like to be June Carter Cash*” kind of dreams. (*Yes, June… not Faith Hill… because I don’t believe June used a nanny, though if she was anything like I am, she might have considered infant Tylenol or… a harness…)